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How to Transform your Business with Cloud Accounting

by Amanda Fisher

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Accounting Made Easy? Yes it is possible now using cutting edge technology which minimizes the data entry time.

Are you looking for an easier way to manage the finances in your business? Are you in business and would like to save up to 75% of the time you currently spend on keeping your accounting records? Cloud accounting technology can significantly reduce the data entry and bookkeeping time for most businesses.

One of the main reasons that businesses fail is the lack of accounting information available on a day to day basis. Business owners often go for months without any idea of whether they are making a profit or not and sometimes only find out when the accountant has completed the tax returns after the end of the year. Managing a business of any size without accurate timely reporting is a recipe for disaster.

Businesses using cloud accounting systems are able to see their reporting results on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and consequently can see exactly how the business is performing and make appropriate decisions when changes need to be made.

This revealing book includes chapters on:

The problems of desktop software
The benefits of cloud accounting systems
The different systems available
The benefits of integration
The 17 questions you must ask
The reports every business owner should be reviewing

Through the book Amanda takes you on a journey from now to the future of business. Your future.

The book is currently available for purchase online here with Kindle and Paperback versions available from Amazon, and ebook on the iBook store for Apple users. Also available from leading booksellers including Barnes & Noble, Blackwells, Adlibris, Foyles and Booktopia.

Cloud Accounting has simply transformed the way we operate our business. We can now see in ‘real time’ how our business is performing, track invoice payments and reconcile more efficiently and interrogate our financial data to get the ‘real picture’.

- Heath Grayson

Grayson Creative


I love the reporting in Cloud Accounting and the fact that it is real time on line is sensational. It gives you a real view on what is happening and I have also started forecasting in there as well so we can look at managing expenses.

- Margaret Houston

Mosman PT


If you are new to cloud technologies and cloud accounting solutions, the author provides a nice introductory discussion to the topic. The book’s content is well structured and acts as a guide to adopting cloud based accounting and business solutions. If you are in the accounting profession, and are late to move to the cloud, you should order this book and begin your journey now…- Chuck Odom, CPA


I would recommend this book to accountants and students of accounting, with regard to the implications for change in their profession; and to small business owners, with regard to their new options for generating and — more importantly — using accounting information.

- Michael Vitale

Professor, Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University


Cloud accounting software has revolutionised the world we live in, both for businesses and for accountants. More important than ever before, as business owners we must spot trends and stay ahead of them in order to compete. But keeping on top of technology trends is a challenge for many enterprises, and especially so in small businesses where experience and budgets are often more limited.I found this book engaging, helpful and most importantly informative. Having a deeper insight into the world of cloud accounting and the step I need to take in order to implement it in my business has given me the confidence necessary to transfer my habits from the old way of recording my accounting data to this new and fresh approach. I highly recommend everyone getting a copy of this book!!!

- Alex Pirouz, Business Adviser and Journalist


Cloud accounting has been the missing link in business for a long time. Now it’s here Amanda Fisher has written the definitive book to help anyone make the transition – and it is an exceptional book, inspiring, easy to read and wonderfully practical.- Andrew Griffiths

Australia’s #1 Small Business Author

…superbly written and down-to-earth book…. You’ll love her insights, you’ll benefit from her wisdom and experience (and the ’17 questions you must ask’!).- Paul Dunn, Co-Founder and Chairman – B1G1®


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